May. 6th, 2010

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So JM texted me this morning and told me to listen to the song Lady by Kenny Rogers, that the song is for me.

Then he went on to talk about all of his kids, his and hers and what he wants to give them.

He tells me all the time how much I have saved him and made him a better man how much he needs me, how I have no idea really what I mean to it. I think it has truth to it.

He says she makes him a better man by requiring him to be understanding whereas I do by advising and inspiring him.

I know that she has so much more to give him than I ever could, a family, a life, she's younger and prettier, she cooks, she healthier. I know this and so I'm grateful he has her.

He wants to encourage me to believe and express myself more. He thinks so highly of me, tells me all the time he wishes he had my brain.

Like everyone he is convinced I am better alone.

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