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S is leaving tonight to hit the road to go house shopping in Rhode Island or Vermont. I wonder what will happen.

LW wrote me the following this morning:

I'm glad we finally got the chance to meet, and happy that the vacation was a good one. N is a gem of a little boy, and it's easy to see how he wins people over.Thank you for making the trek down. S truly enjoyed cooking dinner. He was a little nervous about us meeting, but I wasn't. You're a joy to be around and made for a most welcome change to the routine.

Sorry work has been so crazy already. Hopefully the overtime will help soften the blow.


I am VERY happy about things and I'm hoping that I get to see S soon. I realized that I couldn't be less threatening by the way I handled things.

I had a fight with JM today about Work as work has been VERY stressful. In the middle of the fight I made plans to tentatively spend the evening with Di on Friday, to ostensibly try to start anew. I don't have great hopes but one never knows. I will try to open my mind to the possibility.

No news on the job application front but I haven't called and I'm wondering if I should. I'm very confused about that. JM promises that he will try to get me a raise when the time comes.


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