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Since my son has no father and since my father doesn’t need anything more than the Tshirt and hat I bought him some times ago, I’ve been thinking about Father’s day as sorta my day to celebrate. Which is weird.

In fact when I was in the Hallmark store I saw a father’s day card for single mothers and I chuckled, because somehow that is absurd. But yes, indeed last year I got a call from JM on father’s day saying I deserved to celebrate on that day too because I’m being both mother and father to my kid.

I don’t know if that’s quite right or even possible because father’s really can’t be replaced.

Sure, it is somewhat sad that my kid has no father but that is just how it is sometimes, it IS part of the reason I’ve kept him tight with his grandfather.

So, in honor of father’s everywhere, in honor of the father I lost and the one I still have…

As a gift to myself more than anyone…

I got JM plane fare to go see his kids for father’s day and also to be able to be there should there be any bad news tomorrow from his son’s Dr. He’s been SO heartbreakingly sad and it was very cheap roundtrip.

It was really a no-brainer gift for father’s day because his kids need him, I can feel it. Even his ex-wife is happy he’s coming. So for less than some ‘gadget’ I might otherwise be tempted to blow some cash on I was able to give a gift that will make memories for an entire family.

I feel blessed and lucky to have been able to do it because I KNOW that he is a good father deeply missing his children. Children whom he allowed to move away so they could have a better home, and the DO have it finally, his ex just bought a home a couple months ago. He feels he made the right choice and he's happy to know his substantial support is putting a roof over their heads by paying a large chunk of the mortgage.

Family, is what we have not what we do not.

Maybe we can all be mother’s father’s sister’s and brothers to each other…love each other like family, help and receive depending upon where we are in our circumstances.


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