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I find myself a nervous wreck. Things that should be enjoyable for me are anxiety producing. Today my son is moving up in rank for boy scouts and has his first piano recital and all I can think about is MY anxiety over having to mix with people. I feel so aggravated with myself.

Now that I am having the beginnings of what I fear is panic attacks I am thinking perhaps I should go for help before it gets worse.

The Dr thinks its dehydration and hypoglycemia which are causing my palpitations and dips in energy. I don’t know about the hypoglycemia but I had the test yesterday. I ended up crashing in the waiting room, first feeling awful and out of it mentally and then I started sleeping. After I came home I slept for two hours solid. Weird.

Whatever it is I believe my anxiety takes a LOT of adrenaline out of me and am half convinced that my fatigue is all adrenal fatigue.

I have the opportunity to apply and possibly get a job that would mean 25 grand more a year and then after six months 20 grand more than that. I would have to move two hours away where I don’t know anyone. I am frightened that I will be overwhelmed because I get so much help here. BUT


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