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I mentioned to my son how I dated someone and it was ‘difficult’ because my parents didn’t approve. He exclaimed, “Mom, you’re 40! Who cares what your parents say?” He then informed me that soon they’ll be in Heaven so that’s even more reason I should do what I think and not listen to them.

We started laughing, it really was just SO odd and funny that he was lecturing me like he was the old sage and I the young one. I didn’t explain the situation because I don’t know why but I just can’t bring myself to tell him that my parents are racists…I can’t, it is such an evil / ignorant thing, so I never mentioned what the ‘disapproval’ was about but oddly he surmised that it must have been groundless because he trusts MY judgment more than theirs.


Plus, he knows how my Mom talks to me and says all the time that she is just mean to me and I should ignore her.

He thought about it and thought about it, the fact that my parents would ‘disapprove of a guy I liked”, he guessed correctly, “I bet they never even saw or met the guy?’ ….”what do they know?” and the more he thought about it and talked to himself the more exasperated he got.

After a pause he said,

“I guess…yeah….you’ll just have to talk to me instead of them when they are telling you what to do because I’ll tell you to listen to yourself...because...because Mom!!!!! Really,’re 40 years old!!!!!


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