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He commanded me to follow him, and said to hurry, he put me in a chair, and then took out his cock and told me to suck on it. I knew I wasn’t going to resist but part of me was, resistant.

I’m not sure why I didn’t totally give over, I was going through that strange mental state stuck between resistance and knowing total surrender would feel so good and not totally surrendering, or did I?

He gagged me on him, his cock is so think and huge that it is not difficult and he loves that I can take him deep but even I have my limits and I was gagging and gasping, and animal. And as the animal overtook me I gave myself over to taking him in and caressing him with my mouth and tongue and breath.

My eyes started running with tears, which he finds sexy I guess, and he reached down with both hands and while I was looking up at him he smeared my makeup down along with my tears, down my cheeks and he looked at me with such a mixture of lust, hunger and tenderness that I know….I know I could surrender to this man.

Then he pulled me up and kissed me so sweetly.

I love the way he’s gentle and rough at the same time, its perplexing, its delicious.

He told me to unfasten my pants as he was going to fuck me. He grabbed my by the hair and forced me over, pushing me down, he smacked my ass, my face was pushed so that I looked up at him from my left side as he took me.

He let go of my hair and told me to enjoy it because he was going to… and he smacked me some more times while he fucked me, very hard and very deep. I became wet with him.

I bled a little too. He said he likes it when I bleed, and I said good thing I don’t mind, and we both laughed because well…

It is a little sick isn’t it?

I was dizzy and in an altered state of mind when he left.

I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore but it is for this that I’ve fluid bonded with him, for this that I’m now condom bound with S, and for this that I cut off messing with others.

I guess I’m about as close to ‘exclusive’ at the moment as any slut can be and I don’t have one single expectation that we’ll ever do it again.


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