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He says I make him weak in his knees. He says his heart races when I touch him.

He says I’m so incredibly sexy that I do something in-explicable to him. He fantasizes about me all the time.

The other day we fucked in his car, it was crazy because he ended up naked. I felt like a teenager but it was so delicious.

I love to feel him under my fingers, his strength.

Today when I was on my knees, I was looking up at him, my eyes had tears streaming down from the gagging, I was looking up at him, running my tongue up the length of him when he said:

‘I could watch you all day, you’re like my own private porn star’.

Porn star? Is that a good thing?

Then he bent me over in front of the window so he could look out in case someone was coming.

He fucked me so hard it hurt, but in the delicious sort of way I love where he shoved my head down, grabbed my hair, and smacked my ass as he took me, with all of himself inside of me.

I can still hear the sound of my moans of pain and pleasure interspersed with the rhythmic banging of my necklace against the metal of the heating unit I was braced against.

I love the way we fuck. He makes me feel almost back to myself.

It is odd to feel him hold back, he told me that he is afraid of hurting me, because though he trusts me I'm a white woman and all he needs is to be caught roughing me u.

But then he starts to go there, he is more and more and I want more because of it.

When we were done this morning he opined that we need to quit it because he’s addicted to fucking me

I nearly cried because…

He looked at me, the sadness on my face.

Then he said he likes it so much that one day we are going to get caught by someone since we do it in such public places and he never wants to stop.

So that is what he meant? Or is it?
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